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Sunday, 13 July 2008 16:49

Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB)

Founded in 2001 The Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board in conjunction with the Terrorism Response Association and the International Society of Anti Terrorism Professionals established a comprehensive training and examination process as a means to certify their terrorism responders as Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist and the Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist Designations. We now offer this same high quality training and certifications to non ISATP responders.

The Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board provides a standard of training for responders to terrorist incidents. Thereby increasing the responders chances of survival while assisting them in providing the public with better protection and assistance.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board has established a state of the art training program that industry leaders have recognized worldwide.

ATAB Trains & Certifies Terrorism Responders.

As a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS), you will be recognized as an elite professional with skills and expertise to deal with today's looming terrorist threat.

Starting the certification process will give you access to an exclusive training DVDs with 40 Power Point Training programs as well as over 800 books, publications, reference and training manuals needed to pass the examination and stay current on new countermeasures and prevention techniques.

Do you know Al Qaeda's current tactics?

If you were a Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS) you would.

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Starting the certification process will give you access to an exclusive training DVD and other reference material needed to pass the exam and stay current on new countermeasures and prevention techniques.

    Here is a list of some of the informative Chapters contained on the CD.

  • Ch 1 Terrorism in Perspective
  • Ch 2 Incidents & Indicators
  • Ch 3 Self Protection in a Hot Zone
  • Ch 4 Scene Control
  • Ch 5 Notification and Coordination
  • Ch 6 Hostage/Crisis Negotiations
  • Ch 7 Cyber Terrorism Deployment
  • Ch 8 Terrorism Response Plan
  • Ch 9 IT Security while Traveling
  • Ch 10 How Terrorist Choose their Victims
  • Ch 11 Emergency Response to Terrorism (Ops)
  • Ch 12 Emergency Response to Terrorism (CBRNE)
  • Ch 13 Preserving Evidence at a Terrorist Incident
  • Ch 14 Being Held Hostage and Surviving
  • Ch 15 Stress Management After the Incident
  • Ch 16 Agraterrorism
  • Ch 17 Sea Port Security
  • Ch 18 Aviation Security
  • Ch 19 Computer Forensics in Corp Investigations
  • Ch 20 Energy Facilities: Protecting them from Terrorism
  • Ch 21 Responding to a Cyber Attack
  • Ch 22 Securing a High Risk Facility
  • Ch 23 Managing a Protective Detail
  • Ch 24 Establishing a Computer Forensics' Program
  • Ch 25 Healthcare Readiness for CBRNE Terrorist Events
  • Ch 26 Road side Bombs and Vehicle Born IED's
  • Ch 27 WiFi in combating Terrorism and Crime
  • Ch 28 Disaster in the Data Center
  • Ch 29 EP Principals
  • Ch 30 Managing a TSCM Detail
  • Ch 31 Al Qaeda Training Tactics
  • Ch 32 Islamic Background Information
  • Ch 33 Islamic Extremist
  • Ch 34 Understanding Jihad
  • Ch 35 Mindset and Methods of Terrorist
  • Ch 36 Jihad Recruiting & the al Qaeda Network
  • Ch 37 Combating 21st Century Terrorism
  • Ch 38 Suspicious Activities
  • Additional Power Points on Travel Safety, Security and Workplace Violence and Conducting Security Surveys
  • GLOSSARY of Security and Terrorism Terms


The approximate number of terrorist attacks since 911?

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